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5 Important Reasons for Waterproofing Bathroom

Very often neglected, bathrooms are the important part of the entire household. If something is wrong with it, it can be very problematic. Like salt, its importance might not be seen, but if goes wrong, obviously felt. This is why waterproofing bathroom is a must do the job.

Bathroom, along with laundries are the wet areas in the house. However, one must be careful to waterproof it just like any other room. Wet and damp places might act as the source of lots of germs and if it’s wooden flooring, it will be a horrible nightmare. Therefore, below are some of the fundamental reasons why you should bathroom waterproofing.

Waterproofing bathroom Richmond
Bathroom Waterproffing

Why is waterproofing bathroom important?

  • For the sake of preventing leakage: As it’s obvious, water from a leaking bathroom will find its way through the pores and within a matter of days, it will become a major problem. If your house is the second story, the water will be sure to damp the floor and the walls. The water drops might even get in touch with the lights and might cause short-circuits, as well. This is, of course, not good at all. In order to prevent this, you have to bathroom waterproofing on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might have to face severe losses regarding the damp wall or flooring and other mishaps related to the electrocution.
  • To prevent mold and infection: A leaking bathroom, apart from damping the wall or the floor, acts as a source of the humid atmosphere. Humid atmosphere or the damp always give birth to mold. It causes the wood or the plywood to rot, dampens, and damage. Apart from the damage, this kind of infestation is a serious source of infection, lung allergy, and so on, which might result in severe breathing trouble or so. Surely, you do not want that for your family members or your guests. Hence, arose the need of waterproofing bathroom. You can add a waterproof barrier between the surface and the topmost layer to prevent the condensation from taking place at the very first place.
  • Insulation cause: Very often people do not take this into consideration the fact that a waterproof bathroom acts as a great insulator too. In case, your bathroom is attached to the external part of your house, it’s bound to get very cold during the winter, especially if you are living in a hilly area or places where it snows. If you do not waterproof your bathroom, during the winter, you might have to use quite an expensive heating system. This is more expensive than waterproofing a bathroom. Therefore, if you want to reduce your energy bill by a bit, you have to waterproof the bathroom.
  • Boost the value of the property: You might need to sell your old house for various reasons. The reasons can be anything, you might have to move out, relocate, so on and so forth. Selling or renting the old one is the obvious option. In this case, nobody will be willing enough to buy a house with a leaky, damp bathroom. Waterproofed bathroom, on the contrary, increases the value of the property.
  • Safety and other reasons: A leaky and wet bathroom can be the cause of many accidents. In case, you have children or pregnant female members in your family, they might fall due to the slippery surface, which in turn, might cause irreparable damages.
Waterproofing bathroom South Yarra
Waterproofing Bathroom
Apart from this, there are many reasons for waterproofing bathroom. A bathroom is the most private part where somebody can be alone with oneself. Relax after a long stressful day. So, you have to keep the bathroom in a good condition.


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