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Why Antique Furniture Restoration Needs to be Done?

Antiques usually represent an era, a time that is cherished by the collector and hence they are highly treasured. However, like with any other thing that exists, antique also have to face the test of time. Wear and tear are usually observed on items once they cross a certain age. This is where restoration comes into play. While not all antiques can be restored, restoration of antique furniture is pretty common.
Antique Furniture
Antique Furniture
Since most of the antique furniture was made from bare hands, the restoration is also done keeping in mind how the original was produced. Antique furniture restoration involves the replication of a lot of processes that were used previously but have now evolved with changing times, better equipment and technology replacing pure human skills.

Why is Antique Furniture Restoration Important?

There are various reasons why this is important to different people, here are the common reasons that make people opt for antique furniture restoration service for their old furniture.
  • Bring Back to Life: Most families have a piece of furniture that is passed from one generation to the other. It could be a trunk or a rocking chair or a big clock. In most cases, these furniture pieces are a part of the current living space and with age, they look to be worn and deteriorate the look of the entire place. Also, people want to keep their family heirlooms protected. This is where the restoration comes into the picture. With proper restoration, the furniture can be brought back to life and continue to be a part of the decor.
  • Enhance Value: If someone is looking to sell a piece of antique furniture they own, they try to see if restoration can help enhance the value of the item. Since antique furniture in a restored state would look more attractive and elegant, people opt for antique furniture restoration as a tool to bump up the value before the sale.
  • Re-do and Pass on: At times the elderly of the family want to pass on a piece of antique furniture they own to the next generation. They see the need to revamping the furniture so that the receiver sees good value in keeping it. This is when restoration helps as well.
Now, that you understand why antique furniture is restored, it is also important to see how it is done.

Most antique furniture restoration is done by hand and in a very delicate manner. Since there can be damage to the items due to its age, using heavy machines can increase the damage. It is, therefore, important that the person restoring the furniture uses his/her skill with hands and simple tools to redo the antique. Also since most antiques were completely hand-made, manual restoration preserves the essence of a non-machine built object.

In a majority of the furniture restoration projects, the paint is stripped, the material is treated to avoid damage due to fungus or any form of rotting. Then research goes into identifying what was the original form of coating used before finally using a similar form of a coating to make the furniture look as if it was freshly created as in the olden days.
Furniture Restoration
Furniture Restoration
This work not only requires skill, but also an understanding of how materials age and how they need to be treated. Hence it is important that you can find a professional, who has experience in antique furniture restoration. This way you will be able to get the most for the money that you pay for his/her services. The wrong choice could mean that the antique furniture is no longer as valuable as it used to be or could be lost forever, so choose a restoring company with a lot of care.


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