Friday, 17 March 2017

How to Secure Your Home with Smart Home Automation?

Just as how your mobile phone can become a smartphone with the help of advanced mobile technology, similarly, you can make your home smart by using advanced home automation. Home automation means that you can access and control all the devices in your home with a mobile device. You can not only use this feature to control your home from within, but also from anywhere in the world. You can control your home lighting, electrical outlets, appliances, heating and cooling systems. Home automation is not just limited to these as it also includes your alarm system, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, sensors, doors, windows, and locks.
Smart Home Automation
Smart Home Automation
Until recently, central automation to control and monitor lighting, heating and cooling systems was available only for large commercial buildings and luxurious houses. Now with advanced home technology, home automation is available and affordable to all. A smart home is possible with smart home automation.

Home Automation is Hugely Beneficial

All your smart devices or appliances at home can be connected to a local area network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. You can use your smartphone to access or program these devices as you prefer. You can turn on or off all the lights at a specific time every day. Or you can program to turn on all lights when your alarm system is triggered during night-time. You can answer your door or even unlock your door from your smartphone. It is also possible to program to unlock the doors at a specific time to let the dog walker or housekeeper in. In a nutshell, you can monitor and control what is happening in your home at all times.

Home automation makes it possible for you to check your alarm system’s status, whether the doors are locked or whether the home temperature is right. You can also program the system to send you notifications via email or text message whenever there is a potential security problem. If you use surveillance cameras, you can even pull up real-time videos to see what is happening at your home. You can monitor moisture sensors to send notifications if there is a leak somewhere at home. Also, you can program the electrical outlets to switch on or off on a fixed schedule daily. A huge benefit of home automation is that it is extremely energy efficient. You can suit your energy usage to your regular schedule thereby creating a patenting for energy savings. With integrated home automation network, there is virtually nothing that is impossible to do with regards to your home as the home technology is advancing and innovative.

Security Measures for Home Automation

A potential threat for home automation is hackers. To protect your home automation from hackers, you can first and foremost secure your internet router. Change the password instead of going with the default password, and equip your router with WPA2 to ensure security. Keep changing the password frequently on your smartphone, home automation system and internet router. Use passwords that are not easy to predict. Additionally, do not use a public Wi-Fi as hackers can easily use it to access your personal data. Instead, opt for a secure and private network.
Home Automation
Home Automation
Install a home automation service from a reputable company who can provide protection from hackers. Consult and query their security measures before you install home automation. Have a good security system in place with motion sensors to ensure maximum security. Keep updating your applications regularly so that hacker may not find loopholes in the home automation system. In short, home automation can make life easy and beneficial for you when you use it in the right way.


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