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The Elegance of Pool Fencing For Your Home Outdoor

Glass pool fencing is now becoming widely popular in terms of its security as well as its modish outlook that makes it more desirable over conventional pool fencing. As glass in transparent in nature and does not block the view from the outside, it acts as a safety feature for children playing around the pool; you can keep an eye on your children, while they can have fun in and around the pool. The ravishing glass around the pool will make your pool side view more aesthetic, appealing and accident- free.  During the night- time, the lights can be installed inside the pool in order to serve the safety function in the dark. Small children have the tendency to splash a lot of water while playing in the pool; glass fencing prevents protection from the water splashing by acting as a shield.

Glass Pool Fencing 

Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne

Great for Family Setting

Swimming pools are a great avenue where the family can have hours of fun and can relax around the pool. But they can turn dangerous for your little ones as the little ones are prone to be mischievous. So fencing your pool is the best safety measure that you can take in order to help protect your children. It becomes important to actively keep an eye on your children while they are in and around the pool. As for infants and toddlers, an adult should always be there at an arm’s length, providing “touch supervision”. And for comparatively older children, constant attention need to be paid while they are in the pool and should avoid distractions like socializing, talking on the phone, or drinking alcohol.

Great Protection for Security

Lack of supervision in swimming pools can result in fatal accidents as children are more likely to be killed in a swimming pool if they drown. Drowning is quite common in children under the age of five as children usually, have the tendency to look for ways to reach to the yard or get back to the pool. However, if you install layers of protection like a fence that completely surrounds your pool area, it will prevent small children to set foot inside the pool and in a way ensure pool safety for your child and other children who may visit or live nearby by isolating the pool from home at all access points.

Pool Fencing Melbourne
Pool Fencing Melbourne

Swimming pools safety fences are a compulsion in many cities in some countries. Some fences are specially designed to ensure the safety of children and they are also known baby pool guard fences that are made in accordance to comply with the local fencing regulations as there are laws to ensure child safety. So it is recommended to never leave your child unsupervised with or without pool safety barrier.  Let us take a look at certain features of glass pool fencing that are important:-

  • Pool fencing should be climb- resistant by having nothing alongside; any piece of lawn furniture that can be used as a tool from climbing up the fencing. The glass pool fencing does not have footholds or handholds and you also make sure of not installing them as they help to make your fence climb resistant.
  •  Pool fencing should be at least 4 feet high.
  • Install a gate that is well maintained and it is self- closing and self -latching and preferably should open away from the pool and latches should always be higher for a child to reach. Approx 54 inches from the bottom of the gate.
  • And also keep toys away from pools as these toys always tempt children.


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