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Security Doors for Your Homes Give You Peace of Mind

When it comes to keeping your home fully secure, the windows and doors constitute weak links. Normal doors are easy child’s play for a determined and capable burglar. If you watch TV or read the papers you will find reports of break-ins and shooting. It happens every day, everywhere. One way to ensure some peace of mind is to install the strongest and best door that will deter burglars and prevent break-ins.

Security Doors

The answer to home security is the security doors. Security doors, in contrast to normal doors, are constructed to be tough. Most of them are made of high grade thick gauge steel panels, not iron or aluminum or wood or fiberglass. It is not just the door leaf that defines a door for protection; but it is the entire assembly comprising of the door, bolts, lock system, frame and jamb that make up a composite and secure entrance way to homes.

Security Doors Melbourne
Security Doors Melbourne

A typical door designed and built for this purpose has extra deep jamb or frame fabricated from high tensile heavy gauge steel with reinforcements and recesses to accommodate concealed extra strong, reinforced hinges that fit to the door leaf in a way that make them inaccessible from the outside. The door leaf itself is fabricated from heavy gauge steel with a hollow core with suitable reinforcements. The leaf is fitted with super lock set with further anti-theft lock points and anti-theft bolts at the top and bottom. This combination makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a burglar to use a jimmy or car jack to deform the door and gain access. It will take much more effort and time to break down security doors.

Beyond Burglary

Security doors are designed to deter burglars. However, there is much more than this. In areas subject to high speed winds, doors must be chosen to withstand high force. They also may have additional features such as being reinforced with a fire retardant core like vermiculite that will delay the spread of fire and allow occupants to clear out. If one is apprehensive about terrorist attacks then a security door may be chosen with bullet-proof properties. You look through the bullet-proof viewer but if the door leaf is not bullet proof then an armed man can shoot through the leaf and injure you or worse, kill you. Since one is going to spend so much, they can even ask for their tight as well as sound proof doors, a simple matter of design modification to achieve sound insulation to 96 dB or more.

Steel Security Doors
Steel Security Doors


A bare bones security door is acceptable in a commercial or industrial environment. However, homeowners balk at the forbidding look of bare steel security doors or even a powder coated or painted one. No one would want their front entrance gracing and marking them out as being paranoid. Happily, it is easy to buy security doors disguised as wood doors, complete with wood veneer or a finish that makes it impossible to make out what it is actually made of except by a close inspection.

You can measure aesthetic security doors complete with the jamb, frame and threshold and the supplier will usually take care of installation using extra thick and long bolts to fit the jamb to the wall. It need not be a plain flat surface door leaf. You can get leafs that mimic a variety of door styles with insets and moldings to resemble a door made of wood. Think of the extra expense as insurance. You have peace of mind knowing your property is protected whether you are inside or away.


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