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Putting Your Car to Its Optimum Form with Volkswagen Service

If you buy a new Volkswagen or already have one since the last few years now, you know how important it is to rope in a qualified and trustworthy Volkswagen service. Being a premium car, it requires periodic maintenance to ensure its efficiency and long-life. There are top-notch maintenance programs provided by the company itself and then fostered by licensed dealerships all over the globe. The trained technicians and their quality service mark their reputation for trust and reliability. Your vehicle is entitled to avail some of the best maintenance programs when it reaches or clocks 15,000 km or one year, 30, 000 km or two years, 45,000 km or three years and 60,000 and 75,000 km for four and five years respectively. The best part is this annual maintenance contract with a certified service center helps you to save on different service costs for 5 years.

Volkswagen Service 

Volkswagen Service Melbourne

The Service Benefits

With flexible scheduling and nearby location, your Volkswagen service center believes there is no substitute for the performance, safety and quality of the car. The technicians ensure that everything occurring in the technical modality of your car has been designed specifically for the model and make. The techs are certified and trained and can fix your Volkswagen according to manufacturing standards.

  • The high service intervals include 15,000 km and there’s great new car warranty for unlimited kilometers in 2 years. The wide service network feature covers a wide range of areas.
  • Its roadside assistance is still unmatched as you can avail it after 2 years with an additional 1-2 years at affordable rates. You also have free inspection service for 75,000 km or six months (whichever happens first).
  • The concerned services entail unmatched anti-perforation warranty which includes the different models for 6 years and gives 12 years for other models. There is warranty for paint, parts and accessories for 2-3 years.
  • Your mobile app and customer support deserves special mention in the context of Volkswagen service. The former entails dealer locator, emergency numbers, roadside assistance, and customer care and trip organizer. You can avail of the hotline numbers for immediate help 24*7. There’s free of cost roadside assistance during the first warranty period.
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Knowing the Basic Services

The first is oil change. There are pros handing your car and they know which oil can keep your vehicle running in its efficient best.

  • They know that putting the right oil adheres to the requisites of the factory warranty. The brand has devised strict standards to ensure that your car always receives best quality oil services.
  • The technicians put the right oil, maximum protection and lubrication even under extreme and severe driving conditions. It helps the engine to remain clean, minimize overall damage and optimize its performance.
  • Using approved oil makes your car more stable and smooth at higher temperatures rather break down. They also do comprehensive brake job by addressing the old brake fluid.
  • Replacing rotors and brake pads cannot ensure maximum deceleration. The Volkswagen service standard complies with the manufacturer’s standards. They use the premium VW standard brake fluid that optimizes the economy, function and quality of the brake system. It enhances viscosity at minimum temperatures.

More on the Service Assortment

Another key highlight of a Volkswagen service centre is its tire replacement. They provide original tires with inbuilt wear indicators that are evenly spaced in the tire’s circumference. The mechanics check the wheel alignments before replacing the tires. There are replacement services for wipers, batteries, pollen filter, and air-filter along with multi-point inspection in every service session. Some value-added services include benefits of accidental shield, depreciation shield with engine protector and vehicle replacement, and rim damage restoration.


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