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5 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Cold Pressed Juicers

Earlier the juice of fruits, vegetable and nuts was extracted by removing their pulp and skin so that the purest pulp could be extracted. If you consider this juice to be healthy then you have got it all wrong! According to health specialists, juice should be a nourishing drink loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants and other vital nutrients which should be almost the same when the juice was not extracted.

Best Cold Press Juicer
Best Cold Press Juicer

Initially, this turned out to be challenging task. Because the moment people think about juice it is something that they grind and then strain it to have a smooth consistency. However, the one method that revolutionized this sector is cold press technique. A cold pressed juice is basically juice made using hydraulic press, and is regarded to be better than the centrifugal method. The high pressure processing power of cold pressed juicer, allows you to store the juice for a period of 4 days, which may not be possible when you go for any other traditional way.

Now, there are many more interesting aspects about the juicers that you should be aware of and this article will explain it all.

Know More about Cold Pressed Juicer

#1. Cold pressing is an age old technique: Though there are many who consider cold pressed juicer to be equipment based on the concept of futuristic technology, but that the reality is far from that. Apparently, this is an age old idea existing from over decades, but it started gaining popularity in the beginning of 2013, when researchers analyzed the benefits of juice that it creates and how superior they are from the conventional juicers.

#2. No loss of nutritive value: The thing that has made this technique what it is today is- no sort of nutritive loss occurs when the juice is cold pressed. But, important thing is that you still get the texture, taste and smoothness of a good juice along with loads of nutrients. This is something that would have never been possible with the conventional juicers.

#3. Cold pressed juicer is affordable: Unlike the common myths that people have, stating that cold pressed juices are way too expensive than the usual juice, but in reality the cold pressed juicer is almost similar to the usual juicers. Moreover, there are certain companies that come up with deals, discounts and rebates so that customers can grab them at their best value.

Cold Press Juice Machine
Cold Press Juice Machine

#4. Stays for a long time: The juice that you extract with the help of centrifugal juicer should be consumed at once, right after you have poured it into the glass to prevent microbial or bacterial attack, on the other hand the cold pressed juices come with a lifespan of at least 2 to 4 days, which provides you the opportunity to store and consume it as per your requirements.

#5. Juice almost anything: From fruits, veggies to nuts; you can cold press almost anything with the help of these juicers, however the same cannot be said about traditional juicers. This is because the high pressure of this juicer has the ability to produce juice from soft fruits and even tough nuts without altering their nutritive value in any way.

Find the Best Cold Pressed Juicer from a Reputable Dealer

By now you must have realized the importance of cold pressed juice and how beneficial they can be for your overall wellbeing. This is the reason why when you plan to buy cold pressed juicers do make sure that you identify a reputable dealer near you, who is known for providing high quality juicers at the best value.


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