Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lost The Car Key? Look For Genuine Replacement Key Provider

We do not realize how valuable our car keys are unless we misplace or damage them. Speaking of replacing car keys, it may not be a simple or an economical task especially with high end cars like Audi, BMW etc whose replacement keys price would cost a fortune. Although a lost key may cause a lot of panic and disastrous thoughts in mind but replacing them is actually not a herculean task.

Car Key Replacement
Car Key Replacement

A couple of decades ago, a key was misplaced it was not at all a task to get it replaced either by the dealer or by a local vendor as there were no security features in them. Those were regular keys with grooves in them just like a regular house keys that did not involve much of a science and so was stealing of the cars. It is today when the technology has taken over even the set of keys, the replacement or duplication requires equal amount of engineering and detailing. The keys today have an electronic key fob also known as remote as an integral part of the key.  Some of these remotes are also linked with the ignition of the car.  Also most of these keys are programmed in such a manner that the remote of the key electronically communicates with the car and any mismatch does not unlock the doors. Therefore the replacement engineering depends upon the complexity of the key.

Yet these can easily be replaced from the car dealer or by a good car locksmith or a car key replacement dealer.  Most of the people fall back on the dealer for issuance of genuine key but in the end they end up paying more as compared to getting it done by a car locksmith. If searched around there are many car key providers available, providing excellent service at much more affordable rates.

Holden Car Key 

Holden Car Key Replacement

Benefits of Getting Car Key Replacement from a Quality Provider:

  • Far less costly as compared to a dealer: they will provide excellent quality keys at far lower rates than acquiring the sane from the dealer.
  • While replacing get an extra set also made. The dealer would only provide with one replacement key and where as the car locksmith can provide with extra sets along with the replacement.
  • Quick service; the key will be replaced faster than from a dealer. They do not have to order a replacement from the head office or the main service centre.

With the increase in sensitivity, programming and technological advancements in cars it is crucial to look for a genuine car key replacement  provider as many will be able to design the exact key that will open the car but what is important is the correct programming that enables the engine to start. Most of these key providers have gained expertise in making new cut transponder keys to match the ignition. Their expertise:

  • Laser cut keys also referred to as sidewinder keys containing slightly thicker shank and less number of carved grooves. They need to be cut in a specialized and standardized form. These keys also have built in transponder chip which needs correct programming.
  • Transponder keys: they have a transponder chip in the plastic head of the key that emits signals to the ignition. On receipt of wrong signal the vehicle will not start.
  • Switch blade keys that are folded into the key when not in use.
  • Smart keys allow the car to electronically start without insertion of the key into the ignition socket. These keys while lying in the dashboard or pocket send the signal to start with a push of the start button.


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