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Why Do You Need To Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

No matter whether in your bathtub, sink or toilet, a clogged drain does not only slow down the dirty water but also brings your day to halt. You will certainly be aware of all the warning signs of a clogged drain. Water pooling in your bathroom, the strange odor are the signs that you may face clogged drains soon. If you want to clean household drains with the kitchen elements like vinegar and baking soda, then they can clean your drain temporarily, and they might also corrode the sides of your drain. It is necessary to clean the drainage system and in this regards, you have to hire the professional drain cleaning service. They will come with their tools and clean your drain in a proper way.

Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

How do you conduct your Drain Cleaning?

It is wise on your part to remove the excess food from the sink and hair from the bathroom drain. If this is what you follow regularly, then you will not have to worry about the clogged drains.  In this respect, you must aware about the difference between drain cleaning and plumbing services. Some local plumbers may offer you the drain cleaning services, but they are not trained in this field and they can not clean your drain properly. You need to hire the professional and trained drain cleaning services for the same and they will inspect the drainage system and clean it properly.

How to conduct the Drain Cleaning by DIY Methods?

Wire hanger:

This is known to be a simple tip to follow but is one of the most effective ones. Straighten the hanger and then bend one end of it in a tiny hook. Put the hanger into the drain and start fishing. You will find all the things coming out of the drain. One thing you need to ensure is that you need to pull the stuff and push it back. Thus, you need to ensure that you use the right techniques of pulling the nasty stuff outside. Afterwards, you can clean the rest wastage by acid or some other chemicals. Else you can also use some hot water to clean your drain.

Blocked Drain 

Blocked Drain Specialist


If you have a dry or wet vacuum, you can use it as an effective tool to clean drains. This technique does not work always, but you can certainly give it a try. Make certain that the vacuum is at the highest setting so that it is powerful to pull all the stuff that has clogged the drains to the vacuum bag.


The mini plungers can be an effective and a great tool to clean drains. The plunger is designed in a way that after a few pumps it builds the pressure and the things that clog the drain runs down. Isn’t this simple? This is known to be a simple, effective and a cheap way to clean drains. It is suggested to avoid chemical and harmful acid for cleaning your drain in this way because it can affect your hand and eyes, and it can also damage your drainage system.

Plastic tool:

This is known to be one inexpensive and effective way to clean the drains. It works amazing for bathroom drains and sink. The plastic tool has strong barbs that will help you get out the things stuck in the drain. When you put it inside and pull it back, the barbs will remove the things.

Moreover, it is always suggested to hire the drain cleaning service once in a month because these DIY methods can provide you temporarily relief and they do not prevent the future problems. So when you clean your drain with the help from professionals, they can ensure the total drain cleaning process.


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