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Make Sure About Your Caravan Condition before Travelling

Travelling is the favorite hobby for many of us. These days we are coming across many individuals who prefer caravans to make their trip satisfying. It is critical to choose a caravan that is not faulty. A caravan that breaks down in every turn and corner steals the charm out of your holiday. The major problems which arise when a caravan comes under repair are as follows:

  • Shuddering due to improper automatic transmission
  • Under body coolant leaks
  • Failure in the switches and power window motor
  • Car may not start with the key
  • Heavy turbulence especially in the front suspension

It is a great burden to overcome all these issues. In fact one should invest a lot of time to completely eliminate these hurdles before starting your vacation. If you are in a place where you cannot find a mechanic, the situation becomes more complex.


Caravan Repairs

So make sure that you check the condition of the allotted caravan before starting your travel. Ask the caravan service people about each and every service check listed here.

  • Inspection of vehicle brakes and wheel bearings. Lubricating them as necessary.
  • Inspection of handbrake cable.
  • Inspection of tyres.
  • Inspection of all other components and repair them as necessary.
  • Inspection of suspension components and lubricate them before travel.
  • Lubrication of stabilizer.
  • Complete inspection of body components.
  • Inspection of Jockey wheel and lubricate it (if required).
  • Inspection of external lights.
  • Inspection of wiring connections.
  • Inspection of mounts, floor brackets.
  • Repair and replacement of mounts and floor brackets as per requirement.
  • Inspection of hoses.
  • Inspection of chassis rails and A-frame. Lubricate these parts protecting it from corrosion.
  • Inspection of the complete vehicle for water leakage and any other damage.

All the above-listed things are to be checked prior to your travel. Usually, caravans will not subject to damage so easily. Mostly water leakage is the most common problem seen in caravans. So you should check twice before you choose a caravan. Other than these, some repairs and replacements can be made to a few other parts of the caravan as per requirement by inspecting those parts. LED lights, bunk beds, easy lift bars, voltage system, fridge, water pumps, larger beds, reverse camera are some parts which are to be inspected. All these parts can be repaired or replaced as necessary.


Caravan Service

What if the caravan breaks down during the travel? You may feel jittery and helpless. You may sulk as your tour plan will be spoilt. No need to worry as there are many caravan repair services offering instant service. In most of the cases, caravan service from where booked your caravan come to your rescue. They offer you a list of numbers too before the travel that you should keep handy. If you have travelled long and need an instant help, then the caravan service people will arrange repair service members tracing the details of your location. In rare cases, they will offer you another caravan replacing the damaged vehicle if it is an emergency.

Other than this, you can directly contact some private caravan repair services available on phone, mail, and other means. So it is not at all a problem to handle caravan repair even if you are on travel. If you have some sound knowledge about vehicles and some small repairs, it is an advantage to travel solo as well.  No matter you are travelling solo or in a group, safety precautions must be taken. It is your responsibility. Be safe!


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