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Start Your Own Juice Business with Commercial Fruit Juice Machine

If you have been thinking about introducing your own juice parlor, then you should immediately buy a commercial fruit juice machine, to boost your sales and profit. With the growing concern of people about their health, a huge part of the current population is turning towards having fresh juices on a daily basis. Juicing can now be considered as a single standalone business. The most sought after places for juices could be very busy tourist attractions, beaches, shopping malls, fitness clubs and public markets.

Apart from the population that needs to be considered, there are overhead operational costs that have to be kept in mind when setting up at a very costly place. A commercial fruit juice machine is very different from an ordinary blender or a juicer, and you must purchase it form a reputed brand, so that it lasts longer and you can earn more from your business.

Commercial Juicer
Commercial Juicer

Considering the Commercial Juicer Machine

  • The first consideration while buying a machine for the juice business should be to cater to the large quantities of juices that need to be extracted on a daily basis, and the capacity of the juicer needs to be considered as a primary concern.
  • The kind of juices that the business wishes to offer is also a very crucial aspect, as there are juicers, which are useful for specific kinds of fruits and vegetables, for example the citrus fruit juicer, which can also make juices out of whole citrus fruits. If only vegetables juices are offered, as vegetable juices are the new fad owing to the higher content of sugar in fruit juices, then an all-vegetable juicer can serve the purpose.
  • Time of preparing fruit juice is essential to serve the customers well and also to serve more customers in less time. So essentially a juicer, which is easy to clean, could be great, as it would save the time in which the juicer would be ready to be reused for the next customer.
Commercial Fruit 

Juice Machine
Commercial Fruit Juice Machine

Choose a Juicer that can be operated smartly and without any Fuss:

  • The amount of time taken to process the juice should be very fast as delivery should be quick to not keep the customers waiting for long. If you have only a handful of customers visiting your shop everyday, then you can carry on with a manually-operated commercial fruit juice machine, but for large number of customers, you need to buy high quality machines with multiple blade varieties to make the juice within few seconds.
  • The kind of juice the juicer produces, whether it is pulpy or without any pulp is to be noticed. There are juicers, which produce pulpy juices, and there are juicers, which produce without the pulp or both.
  • Look, design and warranty offered by the brand of the juicer is to be looked out for, as a very crude look will be good for back kitchen, but if the juicer has to be kept on the front chamber it should be well designed.
  • The spare parts should be available locally for the choice that is made so that in case of any wear and tear it can be repaired easily. The machine should not also be too noisy to scare off customers. And beyond all these, the price of the commercial fruit juice machine is also to be compared with your operational cost and the total monthly profit that you have. Then you can buy the commercial fruit juice machine accordingly.

There are a lot of brands, which offer good deals in commercial fruit juicers, but purchases can only be made after the initial short listing of features. A good and comparative analysis is necessary before buying, and to help with it a variety of websites can also help in researching and giving an analytical view.


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