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Cardboard Cartons- The Most Ideal Packaging Material

Whether you are planning to relocate or thinking about storing some essentials in your office, cardboard cartons can be of great help. It is very important to use the highest quality of packaging material while you are relocating or storing significant stuff. Cardboard boxes are considered the best, as they are strong, sturdy and are completely safe. In addition to this, these types of boxes are easily available and are not expensive. Whether you wish to carry shoes, books, crockery or important documents, you can store it all safely in the cardboard cartons.

However, it is important to choose the right kind of cardboard carton for your moving needs.

Cardboard Cartons
Cardboard Cartons

Types of Cardboard Cartons

  • Shelf Ready Boxes- These types of boxes are often seen in retail shelves. They are preferred by the storeowners, as they help in displaying the products in an organized manner and in setting them safely into the stores. The best part is that you can get the appropriate size of these boxes depending upon the size of the shelf.
  • Box and Lid Boxes- These types of boxes are always supplied flat, so that they are very easily shipped to the store. The most appealing factor about these boxes is that there production is very economical, as they are manufactured with little leftover. While assembling these boxes, you need taping, gluing and stitching. If you are buying box and lid boxes for the brand awareness purpose then you can get it in two different colors.
  • Archive Boxes- You can get these archive boxes with a separate lid and in one piece also. These archive boxes are the best solution if you wish to store it for long period of time. They are ideal for storing documents, self-storage and other uses. Often, important document papers become yellowish over the time if they are not stored properly. However, once you have stored them in archive boxes, they will remain in their original condition for years to come.
  • Full Overlap- These types of cardboard cartons have flaps to give extra strength to the box. They are commonly used for packing heavy products. On the basis of your requirement, these boxes can be availed in various corrugated fluting profiles. For easy storage, these boxes come flat and strapped.
  • Packing Carton- This is the most popular kind of cardboard carton. This box does not require any tooling and it can suit the depth, width and rest size of your product well. You can get these also in different fluting profiles and get them printed the name of your brand and logo. Without a doubt, it can be the most affordable way to increase your brand awareness.
Cardboard Packaging
Cardboard Packaging

Benefits of using Cardboard Cartons

  • Simple and Easy Loading- It will be a cakewalk for you to load items in the cardboard boxes, as they are hassle free. You can arrange them in the way you want, as they can be easily stacked.
  • Light Weight- No doubt, these cardboard boxes do not have any weight of their own. In fact, even the kids can support you in handling the empty boxes. This is the most important advantage of these boxes.
  • Designs- As discussed above already, cardboard boxes can be availed in different types as per the specific requirement.

While packing in cardboard boxes though, make sure you cushion your breakable items with lots of newspapers, or even bubble wrap if necessary.


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