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How to Choose New Age Caravans for Travelling

The concept of caravans has evolved much over the years. New age caravans are no longer limited to rudimentary living conditions. Modern caravans offer the comfort of premium technology and a variety of styles, making these nifty vehicles a favored means of travelling through Australia. If you want to explore Australia through these new age caravans, here are some of the key tips that you need to keep in mind:

Choosing the right Caravan for your Needs

It might seem that the number of people you're travelling with is the only criterion that should dictate the caravan of choice, but there are more things to picking the right caravan than mere size. Consider the nature of your trip that you intended to take on. If it involves travelling through no-so-well-laid roads, you need to make it a point to look for a studier, off-road design that can withstand such roads. In addition, it is important to consider the facilities you want your caravan to offer - an adults only trip might require less space and luxury than one involving children. Finally, keep in mind the weight compatibility between the tow vehicle you intend to use and the caravan.

New Age Caravan
New Age Caravan

Picking the right Parking

While luxurious, new age caravans offer most living requirements on board, it is not always possible to pick a caravan that offers every single facility you require, most often for budget reasons. Keeping that in mind, the caravan parking that you decide on should ideally complement the facilities offered by the caravan such that between the two you have all your needs covered. For instance, you might have skimped on a shower facility in the caravan in favor of other things, in which case it is a good idea to pick a parking which offers good shower facilities.

Go with the Wind

Travelling against the direction of the wind is a hassle even when simply driving a vehicle. With a whole caravan in the tow, going in the direction of the wind becomes near-mandatory. It not only makes the travelling easy, but it also saves on fuel, since driving into the wind can translate to up to fifty per cent more fuel consumption. Therefore, it is always good to be aware of the weather and wind directions before setting out on the trip.

Luxury Caravans 

Luxury Caravans Melbourne

Travel in Short Spurts

For first timers in Australia, it is important to keep in mind that towns may sometimes be long distances apart. Sometimes, these distances have only the most basic fuel stops to offer. Since towing a caravan is inherently more tiring than driving, it is wise to make it a point to not travel very long distances at one go. About a hundred to two hundred kilometers is the maximum you should attempt in a single drive so as to not tire yourself out. In addition, try and start off early in the morning to avoid travelling through unknown terrains in the dark.

Be Fully Stocked

This should go without saying, but a road trip mandates keeping a good stock of essentials such as water, food, medicines etc. Specifically in the case of travelling with new age caravans where the intention is to make few stops and rely on the caravan for supplies, you should always have a good stock of water. The water quality across the country might not be as good, and so you need to have clean drinking water at hand in case of emergencies. While food is available at most quick stops, some food should be kept stocked for situations that require free camping or off-route travel.


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