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5 Important Factors to Consider Before Starting Commercial Juicing

Most people around us are getting health conscious these days and this is the reason why the juice shops and juice press businesses are flourishing. However, before you want to start a juice business, you will need to know a certain important factors and figure out certain things before you can go in for juice making as a fully fledged business.
Commercial Juicing
Commercial Juicing

Factors to keep in mind before initial Commercial Juicing

  1. You should know the commercial laws of your city and state with regards to the raw juice. These laws vary and incase these juices are to be sold wholesale, then the process of heat or pasteurization or HPP need to be clear in your mind. Else the juice can be made in one location and these can be sold in various outlets or stores.
  2. The equipment for extracting juice is of utmost importance. You need a commercial juicer and blenders and even some may start with just a food processor. These can be used for various kinds of juices, milks and smoothies. However, you need to be careful because some juicers are meant for the domestic market and for personal use and these cannot be used for longer period of time as there are increase chances of it overheating and burning. Also, if there are small machines used, then more people will be needed to extract the juice and this will not only result in more manpower but also in more electricity being used and juice extracted may not be very efficiently done. That is the reason why investing in a commercial juice press is the best.
  3. Another important thing that you need to consider is the type of bottles you will use to dispense the juice. Glass bottles are environment friendly but the cost upfront is considerably high and these are also easily breakable. They also require a lot of cleaning and processing done before these can be used. Glass bottles are also heavy and this is what adds to the weight. Plastic bottles are cheaper, virtually unbreakable but these are not environment friendly.
  4. Once the bottle type has been selected, the label printing will need to be done so that the juice can be identified. The labels are based on the laws of the state, as they need to have certain mandatory information printed on them.
  5. The last thing is the pricing that needs to be fixed based on the cost, the desired profit and the volume which will be sold.
Commercial Juice 

Commercial Juice Machine
The most important point in all this is choosing of the commercial juicer. When choosing a commercial juice extractor, you need to select the one that is powerful and sturdy and can extract large quantities of juice at a time. These should be easy to operate and to maintain and clean. The assembly and disassembly should not take too much of time and the parts should be dishwasher safe.
When you select commercial juicers you need to consider factors like of the amount of space they occupy, the price of the juicer and also the warranty period and the kind of vegetables and fruits that can be juiced in this. Some are meant specifically for only some types of vegetables and fruits while others are versatile. There are juicers which offer a lot of stability and have pulp free options and these juicers apply large amount of pressure without the user even having to apply manual force. The juicers that are silent and have noise as well as vibration levels reduced by different means are preferable as these are usually working for hours on end.
Another factor to consider in a commercial juicer is the effectiveness of extraction of juice. If it is efficient, there will not be much wastage.


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