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10 Advantages to Consider Before You Opt For a CNC Machine

CNC machining is used in the sector of manufacturing and involves using computers to be able to control tools for machining. Tools like grinders, routers, lathes, and mills are some of the tools which can be controlled with the help of this process. CNC, in other words, is Computer Numerical Control. With the passing of time we find that this type of machining has turned out to be stable for manufacturers, be it on a large scale or a smaller one. Due to the precision possible with the CNC machining this process is able to produce shapes which are termed as ‘complex’ and which, otherwise would have been practically impossible manually. CNC precision machining reduces any chances of human labor, and it also etches out a complete work in less time, thereby enhancing the rate of any industrial production.

CNC Manufacturing
CNC Manufacturing

Some Benefits of using the CNC precision Machining

#1. These machines can be operated continuously, that is 24X7, without any breaks. Probably a down time which is short, is required only for maintenance, thus saving on time.

#2. These CNC machines can produce parts in a short time which, otherwise would have taken a long time if you opt for conventional machining.

#3. Updating these machines is fast as only the software needs to be changed. This helps in quickly moving from making one part to another. These machines also store programs thus it is convenient to reuse these programs if required.

#4. You can say using these machines is an efficient way to create a component as most of these have detectors for quality assurance and the minute a deficiency is detected the production stops, avoiding wastage.

#5. The CNC machines are programmed with a design which is reproduced in the exact manner. This is an important factor in the modern industry where one error is able to render the machine unusable.

#6. There is no requirement of too many workers as once programmed these work on their own. This factor reduces the work load and also the money spent in employing too many workers. Besides which, it is able to ensure safety as harmful tools are not being used.

#7. The efficiency and the speed at which these machines work and also the amount of raw material used, makes it a profitable investment.

#8. A test done visually for all new programs, the designers can make sure of the desired effect.

#9. These are available with cooling systems which are automated, so there is no chance of any damage due to heat.

#10. They are suitable for metal and also plastic parts.

CNC Machining
CNC Machining

How to Select a good CNC Machine?

  • You need to consider certain factors before you opt for a CNC machine, like
  • The machine composite is of polymer, cast iron or aluminum. Though rigidity is apt with the cast iron one, but it is on the heavier side. So, you need to make sure whether you will be moving it around and how often.
  • Make sure the machine uses the industry standard G&M ISO codes.
  • Make a choice between the steppers and servos, out of which servos, though more expensive as compared to steppers, work out more accurate. The choice depends on the accuracy you are looking for in the final product.
  • Look for drip feed as this allows the running of longer programs.
  • Make sure the work envelope is big enough for the required work.
  • You can also check on the axis feed rate with higher feed rates being able to help you achieve the desired success. This speed rate determines how fast the machine moves.

Finally, for wood plastics, metal and prototype materials check out the spindle speed. With the above factors taken into consideration it becomes convenient to opt for an apt CNC machine in accordance to your requirement.


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