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Reasons for Opting for a Pressed Juice Machine

Juices have become important when routine diet is concerned and also as most of us are getting more health conscious. It is wise to get a pressed juice machine which can be used to make different juices at your convenience and whenever you feel the urge to have these. Though you find pressed juices available, it is better to make these at home. These machines tend to preserve the nutrients required for your body as they operate via chewing (masticating) method even known as the cold press method to extract juices which tend to be superior as compared to juices made in a normal juicer.
pressed juice 

pressed juice machine

Working of Pressed Juice Machines

As compared to the counterparts, these pressed juice machines operate at lower speeds and gently compress the vegetable or fruits, squeezing out their juice. These might be a little more expensive but you can be assured of the quality of the juice. These work out ideal for sprouts, herbs, and grasses and leafy greens besides which, the juice tends to last longer keeping up the integrity of the enzymes up to 72 hours. The lower speed of this juicer ensures that less heat is generated and the nutrients are preserved well. There is less foaming and also less separation of juices. The pressing action is on the quieter side.

Why opt for a Pressed Juice Machine

Cold pressed juices tend to be healthier as these can reduce risks of cancer, lower the blood pressure, apt for weight loss, clearer skin, boosts up the immunity system and a lot more. It works out well when you intend having a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. In one sitting you can get most of the components your body requires. A cold pressed juice can be stored without it losing the nutrients required and also tastes and looks fresh.
Cold Press Juice
Cold Press Juice

Choosing the Pressed Juice Machine in accordance to certain Factors

You have a wide range of these machines available at different prices. You can think of keeping your budget in mind because then you can opt for a specific one. You need to make sure you are able to get at least 35% to 50% more of juice compared to the other juicing machines. This makes up for the money spent on the presses juice machine, which is comparatively on the higher side. Here are some factors that you need to consider before you opt for a pressed juice machine for everyday use.

* Versatility looked into

Make sure that the machine is able to handle a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and even nuts. Juice machines which have augers which are durable and hard can handle nuts and hard vegetables much better. You need to make sure the juice machine can handle the vegetables and fruits you use often.

* Easy to clean and use

Check on the reviews of the pressed juice machine that you choose before buying it. You can get a fair idea on how easy it is to maintain and use this. It is advisable to opt for a machine which requires less of preparation, saving on the time factor. The parts should be convenient to clean once use. You can look for juice machines which have an option of auto cleaning.


Pressed juice machines work quietly as these depend on the augers to squeeze the juice out.

* Juice Quality

The pressed juice machine should be able to offer you the juice the way you like it with the nutrients intact along with the dry pulp. These tend to be cost effective as you get more of juice as compared to other juicers. If a juicer is able to eject more of pulp, it indicates that you are getting the required amount of juice needed.
Keeping these few factors in focus can help you make n apt choice in the pressed juice machines.


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