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Give a new look to your car with the help of Professional Audi Service Center

Being an owner of an Audi is a proud feeling as this is no ordinary four-wheeler but a luxury not many can afford. You need to be cautious where the servicing and repair of this is concerned and not just hand it over to any garage for servicing or even minor repairs. There are multiple service centers offering a wide array of services for Audi cars, but you must compare the range of services and the price quotes offered by all of them, so that your car gets the best servicing.

Audi Car
Audi Car

Maintenance and Service of an Audi

* Car service and repair which can be termed as ‘uncompromising’. Customer satisfaction should be a priority with the service center. This can be found out by asking neighbors and friends who own an Audi and have got the same serviced.

* The technicians handling your Audi should be ASI certified and experienced in handling Audis besides other cars. Each car is made differently and so require.

* The professional Audi Service Center should be able to offer you the original parts if required. There is no question of a compromise or any sort of adjustment here. The parts and accessories which might be required are Brake pads, Belts, Rotors, Oil Filters, Wheels, Transport Accessories, Electronics and more.

* A professional Audi Service Center will be able to get to the root of the problem, be it unknown leaks or the light of the engine being on. Professional experts have the right tool and technology to know about the mechanical as well as the electrical faults of the car.

Professionals offering Manufacturer’s Service

Audi Service Center should be able to offer specific service as scheduled by the manufacturer and meet the standards set by the Audi manufacturer. You might need to opt for the manufacturer’s servicing at times to protect the warranty.

Audi Service 

Audi Service Center

Different Servicing required

You need an

1. Interim Service after 6 months if you are a high-mileage driver or even if the manufacturer recommends frequent checks. The Interim Service includes a whole lot of checks like Fuel, Engine, Drive System, Exhaust, Steering, Tires and Wheels, Brakes and also Internal. You need to make sure that the oil used is recognized by the industry. The oil which is suitable for the engine should be used.

2. MOT and Full Service can help you save on a lot of money and the professional Audi Service Center follows manufacturer’s scheduled servicing. There is a total check done similar to the Interim Service with additional precision. You can also opt for the manufacturer’s service.

3. Major Servicing is required after 2 years to ensure that all the components are working as required. This servicing covers all the areas which require any sort of maintenance. This servicing includes replacing of brake fluids, spark plugs, external fuel filter and the air filter.

Performance of your Audi

The performance of your prized possession depends on the maintenance and servicing. For this, you need to make sure of choosing a professional Audi Service Center which offers original Audi replacement parts and has a team of experts who are in the know-how of servicing and maintaining an Audi. It is advisable to compare the prices of different service centers before you opt for one.

When you choose the professional Audi service center, you need to check the competitive price lists given by different companies, and you can also search from different Audi service centers which have their own website and online presence. Specific tools and parts require high-scale maintenance and as this is a costly car, and you need to consult only with the professionals to get the best value for car.


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