Tuesday, 26 April 2016

4 Qualities That Make Logbook Servicing For Cars Extremely Important

Gone are those days when cars were considered to be a luxury, as now they have become an essential for almost everyone. This made it one of the top selling vehicles and increased their demand worldwide. However, purchasing car is not just about having your own vehicle, rather with a brand new car comes the responsibility of maintaining it, and for efficient care and maintenance, the first thing that you need is the logbook.

Logbook refers to the service book of your car which is often provided along with the owner's manual. This book enlists the vital services as stipulated by the manufacturer. There are three things mentioned in this book and they are,

  • What checks should be performed for car?
  • Who should perform the checks?
  • How often should it be done?

The question that arises here is why logbook servicing for cars is so important, why you should never skip even a single schedule prescribed by your manufacturer? If you have the same queries then the answer to these questions lies only here.

Car Service Book
Car Service Book

Maintains Your Car in Its Best Condition

A brand new car indeed looks stunning and is encapsulated with features at a galore. Remarkable suspension power, flexible steering, smooth brake operations and hassle free driving is often experienced when you drive it. However, this could only last for a few years if you do not go for logbook servicing on time.

This is because with the use of logbook servicing, you grab the opportunity to get your car examined by a professional. The professional would make a note of the current conditions of the different components and follow essential maintenance steps, so as to ensure that it remains at its best condition every time.

The common services that are part of logbook service are,

  • Inspecting the tires, battery, brakes and steering
  • Checking the level brake oil, engine oil and other fluids
  • Cleaning air filters and wipers
  • Lubricating the friction areas and
  • Tuning the engine and timing belts

Appropriate list of services your car model would need is often specified by the manufacturer.

Logbook Servicing 

for Cars
Logbook Servicing for Cars

Saves You from High Repair or Replacement Costs

Best thing about following the logbook service dates religiously is that, it can save you from unwanted high expenditure of repair or replacement. This is possible because when you go for the service, the professional takes an account of the efficiency of each and every component of your car, and if there is any part that is at fault then it gets rectified at once, as a result of which the part is saved before it gets damaged to a greater extent.

Preserves the Warranty Agreement of Manufacturer

When you want to get the best of the warranty period specified by the manufacturer, you need to perform the logbook servicing frequently. For instance, if there is some issue with your car and you don't know what went wrong, then you can immediately contact the logbook servicing company you visit and if a part has malfunctioned, you can get it on warranty.

Helps You to Have a High Re-sale Value

The automobile sector is expanding in seconds, where a new and advanced model car makes its way in no time. With this you might plan to sell your car and purchase the new and better options out there. But before that it is important to sell the car t you own, in these cases the logbook servicing can play an amazing role.

With the help of frequent service, you can not only maintain your car at its best possible condition, but at the same time provide proof of maintenance through logbook servicing for cars.


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