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Questions To Ask Your Auto Mechanic Service Provider

When your automobile requires maintenance then it becomes important to look for a reliable mechanic who would offer timely repairs along with accurate estimates. However, car owners take this task to be a daunting one because of the endless options out there, as a result of which this search takes a bit of effort and time too. But, this problem can be tackled in a competent manner when you are aware of the 5 questions that you should ask to your auto mechanic service provider.

Mechanic Service 

Mechanic Service Provider

These questions help you in understanding the expertise of the service provider, and whether they are a reliable option for the maintenance and repair services of your car or not.

Are the Mechanics Certified?

The first question of utmost priority is to know more about the qualification and skill of the mechanic. For this you can ask the service provider regarding the certification of the mechanic they provide. Here, you can go for those who hold ASE, ASP or Delco, any of the same or equivalent. In addition to that, you can consider hiring a professional who holds specialization in handling a particular model of vehicle or a specific problem.

Important thing to be noted is that, mechanics can even be certified beyond, for instance a passionate automobile professional who is a student at a college but at the same time practice skills  for market training or a mechanic working under the supervision of an experienced one.

What Kinds of Equipments are used by the Mechanics?

Besides the qualification of the mechanic, it is vital to consider the quality of equipments utilized by the mechanic. As, this is the era of technology where advance and well developed car models should be assessed with the use of right equipments that would not only help the mechanic in better diagnostics, but at the same time ensure that you receive top-notch services you always desired of.

Further you can ask more questions such as,

  • Are the equipments regulated or not?
  • Do you maintain them as per the manufacturer’s guidelines?
  • How efficient are the equipments in serving their purpose?
Expert Mechanic
Expert Mechanic

Are you going to install used Parts?

This is indeed a vital question to ask your mechanic service provider before you count on any mechanic, and if their answer is "yes" then you have arrived at the wrong place. Always go for those that guarantee 100% new and genuine parts in case or repair and replacement for their customers.

What is going to be my Service Estimate?

The second question is to understand the service charges by going for an estimate. Most of the time, the service provider come up with a free estimate, however you can confirm the same while placing your request for it. Once you get the estimate you can make a note of the service charges, and simultaneously compare it with other potential mechanics you shortlisted before. Comparison is the key, as this helps you in identifying a talented mechanic at the best value.

There are three points that you should consider in the estimate and they are,

  • Types of services mentioned
  • Different parts required and
  • Price charged

Can you provide The Reviews or Testimonials of Your Previous Customers?

Even when you are satisfied with the service charges of the mechanic service provider, you should never forget to ask for reviews or testimonials provided by the previous customers. This can give you a better idea about the quality of the services these mechanics offer, and whether they stand up to your expectations or not.


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