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5 Basic Types of Security Doors Ensure Safety and Protection

A security door is different from a regular screen door, as it is designed for protection purposes. A regular screen door can be turned into a security door by adding certain features in it. These features precisely include a diamond shaped aluminum grille, fly wire and a keyed lock. To add on, these security doors are hinged doors for added protection and safety. Security doors can be made of wood, aluminum or steel, and they can even be customized to meet your safety demands. For instance, you can install CCTV cameras and recorders along with the security doors to enhance the level of domestic safety while you are away.

Security Door
Security Door

Basic Types of Security Doors

  1. Standard Diamond Grille- This type of security door is the most common of all the other types and is much preferred by the homemakers. It is simply because it possesses an aluminum frame with aluminum grille. Since the aluminum grille is fixed in a diamond shape, an intruder’s hand will not slide in easily. However, it gives only a moderate protection and is ideal for the places where risk is not much. 
  2. Small Diamond Grille- Here, the security door has aluminum grille with very small holes. It is perfect if your house is at high risk of thieves. It gives you an added sense of protection, and it is usually good for small warehouses also.  This is much similar to standard diamond grille door. 
  3. Stainless Steel Security Wire- This type of security door is the most costly of all. It is because it is tailored with stainless steel and provides the highest degree of protection. These steel security doors are installed with a three point lock with heavy steel mesh. This mesh is fixed and designed in such a way that it becomes almost next to impossible to break through it. 
  4. Decorative Grille- If appearance is what matters to you then you must go for decorative security doors. Since these security doors have various patterns of different shapes on the grille, they look very attractive. Decorative doors are meant for aesthetics, as the degree of protection they provide is quite low. 
  5. Cast Iron Grille- Like the other types of security door, this type of door has the outer frame of aluminum with a cast iron grille. This iron grille is made up with various types of designs in order to complement the style of house. As a homemaker, you must know that these cast iron grille security doors are very heavy. These doors do not block external light and visibility, but at the same time, they retain your privacy to the desired extent.
Family opening door
Family opening door

Benefits of Security Doors

The benefits of these security doors are many.

  • To start with, they are not easy to break through and are fire resistant. Yes, they are built with a material that prevents the fire from spreading in the other parts.
  • The most striking part is that these doors have a facility of camera through which you can see the face of the person outstanding the door.
  • The camera can also be linked with your mobile phone so that you are able to keep an eye at your home even when you are in the office.

With this, you also get the facility of auto lock system. After you have left your place, you do not have to worry about locking your door, as it will be locked automatically. Further, a security door opens only with an original key, which reduces the chances of theft. There are many online stores from where you can purchase the security doors and get them in different designs, style and colors.


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