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How to Conduct Your Tour with Off-Road Caravans

The special caravans are built to handle all sorts of rough terrain and weathers. They are custom designed as per customer’s personal and particular requirements for an ideal van. When you go for bush camping or for small expeditions across the countryside, then you can take these off-road caravans, with solar panels installed on their roof, or else, they also offer reverse cycle air-conditioning, if you opt for some extra money.   Generally these caravans come with fitted roof providing advantages like permanent roof mounted antennas, taller wardrobes, larger windows etc.  These distinctive vans are easy to be identified by their distinctive body style making it ideal for people travelling across stony ridges, creek beds, rough roads etc.

Off-road Caravan
Off-road Caravan

Advantages of off road caravans:

  • They are easy cruise on any sort of dirty or outback track.
  • Versatility: They have excellent ability to stay in town, easy maneuver through crowded roads or any sort of off roading. Due to high ground clearance level they can be pitched at any awkward caravan sites or handle any dip in roads.
  • Cost effective: caravans are cost effective way to holiday. They provide all the comfort of home and can be pitched at any camping site or national parks etc for extended periods.

Design and well-built style:

The off road caravans come in various models with design and build sturdy enough to handle any sort of stress and rigors of rough or unsealed roads, desert tracks etc. What makes them off roader is their strong and galvanized chassis, off road suspension tyres, and excellent ground clearance.  While buying or renting off road caravans, you must consider the following factors:

  • Size: For all time rough terrain journey it is sensible to get a model that has same width and height as the car to avoid any damage. The extended roof tops or body can be damages by over hanging branches.
  • Weight: should be another major factor to be considered as the heavier the van difficult it will be to pull and maneuver.
  • Suspension: Should have solid axle, shock absorbers with springs that can easily handle the jerks of the roads.
  • Wheels: Larger the diameter of the wheel betters the ground clearance. More importantly the wheels should be the same size and with same stud patters as the vehicle or the car.
  • Tyres: Advisable to have all terrain radials as they have much stiffer, stronger and wider side walls that are less vulnerable to damage.
  • Construction: These vans should have road worthiness and the construction should be suitable to handle any type of remote area travel. The frame has to be stronger and underneath of frames should be galvanized. The can floor should be of metal or galvanized iron etc.
Caravan Camping
Caravan Camping

Water tanks and lighting arrangement:

  • Water Tanks: It is rational to have two separate water tanks with separate inlet and outlets.
  • Clearance and Departure and Entry Angles:  A van intended for use on rough roads needs have sufficient height in front and rear to allow appropriate clearance.
  • Lighting: The lights should be correctly positioned at all locations of the van.
  • Stone Deflector: An effective stone deflector minimizes the chance of rock rebounding and shattering the windows.

In designing and configuration they are well equipped with heavy duty bumper bars, good electrical system tough out, energy efficient lighting, good batter capacity, pressure hatch in roof to prevent dust, good frame strength etc.

These caravans allow the travelers to live in luxury whilst roughing it. The only drawback they have is that they are expensive to tow and to be taken at all places due to their weight and height. Moreover, Visit here to know more details about the off road caravans.


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