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What Are The Uses Of Roadworthy Certificate?

According to automobile market research, it has been proved that road accidents increase due to running of unsafe cars. So the authorities of the maximum cities have decided to issue the roadworthy certificate for the car and it has become an essential document for every car. Apart from that, if you want to sell your car then you need to show the roadworthy certificate because it is mandatory for name transferring and other formalities. Roadworthy certificate do not declare that your car is brand new. This certificate is just a safety measurement test for your car and it means that your car is safe to be driven on road.

Roadworthy Certificate
Roadworthy Certificate

What are the Inspection Areas of Roadworthy Certificate?

If you want to collect the roadworthy certificate of your car then, you must contact with the authorized servicing centers. Their mechanics shall conduct a preliminary safety test of your car and they will check the suspension, steering, tires, car body, windscreen, window, transmission and the overall condition of your car. After checking your car, they will issue the roadworthy certificate and it is valid for few months. If you want to sell your car then the buyer needs to transfer the name of the ownership within this validation and this certificate is not transferable.

  • Roadworthy certificate does not indicate that your car is in top most condition. It is just safety measurement tests which declare that your car is safe to be driven on road.
  • Spare parts which are checked during the certification do not give any assurance and guarantee for the future. This certificate is valid for few months only and it is just a document which conducts a safety measurement test for your car.
  • If your car fails in the test then the authorized centers do not issue the roadworthy certificate, but they will notify the reasons and problems with your car and you need to replace these damaged spare parts within seven days, and then you need to apply for the certificate again. If you fail to solve the problems within this stipulated time then you cannot avail the roadworthy certificate.
Roadworthy Certificate For Safety
Roadworthy Certificate For Safety

How to Avail the Roadworthy Certificate?

It is very easy to get the roadworthy certificate for your car. You just need to call the authorized car servicing centers and they will give you an appointment and you need to appear within the time with your car. They will check few parts of your car and the overall conditions and issue the roadworthy certificate instantly. The whole process takes few hours only. In this regards you can search the different online portals and select the nearest servicing centers who are authorized by the state authority.

Roadworthy Certificate: Avoid the Accidental Risk and Safe Your Family

You have certain responsibilities for your family and you must ensure the safety of your family members. Maximum owners apply for the roadworthy certificate for re-selling purposes because if they show the roadworthy certificate to the buyer then they can get the perfect value for the car. But roadworthy certificate does not only deal with the reselling purposes and it is a safety measurement test. So it is an essential tool for every car owner for their safety and security. If you want to avoid accidental risks and save your family then you must collect the roadworthy certificate immediately. Apart from that, during these tests you can easily identify the overall problems of your car.

This certificate is mandatory for some cities and it is suggested to avail this roadworthy certificate for your safety and if you want to know your exact car problems then it is the best way to identify.


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