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A Quick Guide to Cement Driveways

White washing, paintings, furniture or gardens may beautify a house but it is the cement driveways that add elegance to the whole setup. It is a saying that first impression is the last impression and if you have cement driveways leading to your home, it will surely be the best first impression. Nowadays, people prefer these pavers in front of their houses in order to give it a rich and unique look.  The house looks big and royal. Cement driveways have thousands of advantages. They are versatile, durable, and maintainable and are the emerging trend of home decor.

Cement Driveway
Cement Driveway

What are Cement Driveways?

Concrete or cement is becoming first choice of homemakers. Cement driveways are paths, which are smooth and hassle free. These driveways are easy to maintain and are economical. They are the preferred choice of landscaping these days. They make a guiding path towards your home or working place. They can be installed in front of your home or official workplace. They not only beautify your workplace but also provide ease and comfort.

Why to Go for Cement Driveways?

If you are wondering why you should prefer cement driveways, you must read on.

  • Cost Effective- Cement driveways are cost effective.  They are cheaper than bricks and are effective for a long term use. If one has to build a long cement driveway or a wider one, Cement Driveways are the best choice.
  • Durability- They are cost effective does not means that you will have to compromise with the quality.  They are durable and can be easily maintained. They do not crack easily and they will also not tear up.
  • Ease- Walking and driving becomes easier on these driveways. Women with heels can easily walk on such driveways rather than grass. Driving is smooth and comfortable. The smooth surface of these driveways may help elderly people to walk too.
  • Personalized and Colorful- If you are thinking that you will get the dull boring shade of these driveways then you are wrong.  You must know that now these driveways offer a variety to you. They can be colorful and they can also have stamps on them. They can be given the look of pebbles, bricks, or walls as per your choice.
Concrete Driveway
Concrete Driveway

What are the Types of Cement Driveways?

  • Circular- To enjoy the grand and royal look, one must go for a circular driveway. These driveways will surround your house and your home will look like a centerpiece standing in the middle of it.
  • Turnaround- These driveways offer ample space for your four wheelers to turn to another route so that you can get back to the starting point without using the back gear.
  • Straight- Such driveways will lead you straight to your destination as if guiding you where to go. They can be smaller in length or the other way to suit your choice.

How to Install Cement Driveways?

Driveways should wide enough to accommodate people standing. Narrow driveways create a problem when there are too many people waiting outside your home. These driveways are easy to install but you need to take care in order to maintain it. Your contractor needs to properly prepare the sub grade, which is the uniformity between the compositions of materials. Next, he needs to correct the concrete mix, which will effect on strength. After the concrete mix, he should correctly place the joints on place and lastly he should take care of reinforcement and finishing of the installation. Finishing includes leveling and cleaning the road so as to achieve smoothness and equal surface.

Cement driveways tend to attract people and make you feel proud. Imagine, people coming to your home and parking cars just in front of your door, on the driveways.  These driveways also become important for utilities as you can directly transfer items from the car into your house without any hassle. Moreover, you can click here to know more guidance about it.


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