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Pallets As a Storage System for Commercial and Industrial Use

Pallets are indispensable part of modern storage for industrial and shipping purposes. These boxes like structure provide the basic framework for clean and secure storage of good and products. The major benefit is that, palletized goods and commodities can be moved very easily, when compared to individual lifting of cartons. These pallets though originally made only from wood now are available in a combination of wood and metal as well as in the plastic form.The plastic pallets allow for easier display of the product along with providing for a secure storage system. Pallets are also used for the automobile and aviation industry and they reduce the overall risk of temperature fluctuation and manual handling of products.

The Plastic Storage

Plastic pallets are fast replacing the wooden pallets in many sectors due to their durability and reusability. Moreover, export pallets are also molded out as a single piece without any welding or joints that are liable to make the structure weak. Having the advantage of forklifting, these pallets can be long-lasting as they can weather any conditions and are also chemical resistance according to industry standards. Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned using water, steam and other hygienic cleaning products. Also, they are easy to maintain as they are come without any splinters or nails and are environment friendly being fully recyclable.

The Overall Advantage

On an average, the plastic pallets have an edge over the wooden ones, as they can be used for several times before they need to be recycled. This is a big economical gain as pallets ensure less product damage and they can secure goods even in those docks which are unrefrigerated. The friendly ergonomics of the plastic pallets ensure a more comfortable translocations and better storage facility. This makes them ideal for all kinds of industry both manufacturing as well as the food products as palletized products can also be stored well in warehouses. The heavy duty range of these storage units are capable of handling greater weight and withstand temperature differences too.

The Varying Designs

Pallets can have different kinds of tops as well as outer structures so suit the storage needs of the different kinds of products.

  • For the purpose of food grains, cements, fertilizers and a host of other products that come in sacks, the rigged pallets are more appropriate.
  • The plain tops of the pallets provide the necessary support for the products of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
  • These are also shaped as open headed boxes to facilitate the injection mode of storage for large drums and cans so that they do not run the risk of moving away.
  • In case you need to store products in a crate, there are the kit types of crates that have a partial opening on one side for the purpose of easy stacking within the crate.
  • The metallic wire mesh crates with the drop-down side opening are good for storing products that require an open view for their easy dispensation on the racks according to their categories.

The Conventional Wooden Make

Despite the availability of all other material pallets, the conventional wooden pallets still continue to be in large use. The use of advanced technology makes it possible to design wooden pallets of different specifications with the help of software programs. It is not just the dimensions and the shapes that can be customized but also the type of nails and other staple fixtures that are to be used on the storage unit can be altered according to product demands.

The 2-dimensional drawings while developing these units also specify the load per unit space so that you can order the exact measurement for your product. All the concerning strap protectors, corner protectors and the top edge protectors will also be specified along with the stretch and the shrink wrap.

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