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Enhance Your Travel Experience With Off Road Caravans

Earlier the caravan was used for the transportation of goods but now the concept has changed. Now the caravans are used for travelling, commercial, residential and camping purposes. Traveler love the off road caravan for their extensive travel because if you are planning to visit the country-side village the caravan is the best option for you. You cannot find any proper accommodation in these villages and you can easily reach there with your off road caravans. This caravan has all the facilities like large water tank for water supply, batteries and solar panel for your electricity and off-road suspension for your convenience.

 What are the basic features of off-road caravans?

Off-road caravans have become very popular among the traveler because of its unique features; you can store all your necessary things including your living needs, accessories, furniture, electronic gadgets and bike storage place.

  • When your reach the country-side villages, you cannot find any transportation for your local travelling. So you need to carry your bike and cycle. Off-road caravans provide your this facilities and it has a garage trunk which can accommodate all your bikes an cycles, so that, you can easily travel the surrounding area and enjoy your vacation significantly.
  • The two storied design of the off-road caravan is very attractive and when you drive the caravan it cannot show the two storied, after reaching the destination, you can set-up the caravan and it will become two storied and your will get almost double space. These caravans allow you to utilize the maximum space and increase the height eventually.
  • Apart from that if you purchase the off-road caravan, you will get maximum space and you can customized the design according to your needs also. So, you can easily install all your requirements into the caravans and use them accordingly.

What are the facilities of off-road caravans?

Anyone who wishes to make this journey must ensure that the caravan is capable of handling the terrain to make it to the campsite, secondly anyone who is to make a journey through such terrain should have necessary navigational equipment on board including compass and maps in order to prevent getting lost on course.

  • In order to make the journey through such terrains, the caravan should be purpose built, to achieve this, the driver must take into account several factors which will differ from the stock caravan into the rugged requirement that he requires to make the journey.
  • To do so the caravan must be small as well as nimble, not small enough that it may cause inconvenience and not too large to fit through tight spaces, another crucial factor is to keep the weight minimum by employing lighter build materials to compensate, this can be achieved by the use of carbon fiber which is superlight and shatter proof.
  • The tires have to be fitted to compensate the rough terrain that the caravan travels on, the thicker tires will require space which can be completed by the fitting of bigger dampers to raise the height of the overall caravan.
  • The suspension where unlike the traditional cost saving single axle leaf suspension should be removed in favor of a fully independent suspension to cope more effectively in the rougher terrains.

How to fit-out the off-road caravans?

Every person who wishes to make the journey on off-road caravans must ensure that there is good enough ground clearance to traverse the difficult terrains which is why apart from clearance only, the underbody of the caravan should be reinforced to protect the underbody from scrapes and protecting the chassis.

apart from that, the ground clearance can be helped by fitting tough off-road tires which have normally have large diameter therefore raising the caravan and providing safety, now the wheel arches must be fitted with tougher impact resistant material to help take the beating of the wheel on the rough terrains. Proper preparation is always advised for such journeys.

These are the basic features and basic facilities of off road caravans that will help you in commercial, residential and camping purposes. Click here if you want to know more about the off road caravans.



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