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Versatile Styles of 925 Sterling Silver Rings and Jewelry

As the name suggests, 925 sterling silver rings are made from 92.5% silver. Since ancient times, mankind has made use of a number of objects to make jewelry. Jewelry made out of metals such as gold, silver, bronze, and platinum have always been popular with people. They have been the most precious in terms of value. Apart from these metals, man has used other materials to make jewelry such as shells, stone, beads, ivory, and wood. These forms of jewelry while popular are not as valuable as metallic jewelry. From the various metals that are used to make jewelry, silver has always been a popular medium.

Why Silver?

Silver can be molded to manufacture intricate pieces of jewelry. Silver can be used to make all kinds of jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, trinkets, 925 sterling silver rings, etc. No wonder that the silver jewelry is hugely popular with people worldwide. Another reason for the extreme popularity of silver jewelry is that it is affordable. If you are interested in purchasing silver jewelry, then you can be sure that you will find jewelry pieces that fit your budget. Silver jewelry pieces that have intricate work and fine craftsmanship along with elaborate design obviously cost a lot more than a simple piece of silver jewelry.

Contemporary Variations

It is these qualities and the fact that silver is an extremely valuable metal that silver jewelry is one of the popular gifting options. The jewelry that we wear today like the 925 sterling silver rings is the modern version of the jewelry pieces worn by our ancestors. Even though the method of making jewelry and their designs have undergone a sea change since man first started to wear jewelry, the importance, significance, and value of jewelry in our lives remains just the same. Another change that has come about in our perception of jewelry is that like ancient times, we no longer use jewelry as a form of money in trade and commerce; it is no longer used to denote a person’s rank and status in the society. Yes, man’s love with jewelry as a form of self-embellishment still continues.

Monetary Value

Of the various kinds of metals and other items used to make jewelry, jewelry pieces made of gold, silver, and platinum have the greatest monetary value. So your 925 sterling silver rings is much costlier than a 10% one. While gold and platinum jewelry are extremely popular, they are also extremely expensive. Most often than not, people have to think twice before investing money in form of gold or platinum jewelry piece. Silver, which can be both expensive and affordable, is the most preferred choice of jewelry worldwide. Silver jewelry is used at almost all special occasions in life. Silver jewelry pieces are gifted at weddings, births, christenings, graduations et al. Silver jewelry is also often passed on from one generation to another as family heirlooms.

Silver can be worn in any form and it is easily molded and de-molded again. You can wear silver bangles, silver earrings, silver rings, silver necklaces, silver trinkets, and silver anklets. Those pieces of silver jewelry that have exquisitely fine work done on them are extremely expensive. But there are other pieces of silver jewelry like the 925 sterling silver rings, which, although simple in design, are available at quite affordable prices. Of course, it means a little more investment but you sure get better returns too. You can easily sell it off later a much higher rate as compared to your purchasing price.

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