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Unique and Versatile Wood - The Pine Wood

There are many different varieties of wood that are used for building & construction purposes in the world. Separated from each other by their distinct qualities, each & every type of wood comes with a unique pattern or designs which makes them suitable for different uses and applications. One of the most preferred types of wood timber commonly used is the pine timber.

Characteristics of a true Pine

  • Pine timber comes from the coniferous trees, also known as the pine trees which are mainly found in the northern hemisphere.
  • Majorly found in the United States, there are a lot of species which are also found in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Europe &even Philippines. Known by its sharp needles and cones, the pine trees are found in huge forests around sunny regions & can grow up to staggering 90 metres height in some species of the plant.
  • Mainly categorized as a soft wood, Pine timber got from the pine trees is used the world over for making country and provincial furniture.
  • With more than 100 species of pines found in different parts of the northern hemisphere pine timber is known to be one of the most versatile woods to work with as all its species have different properties which makes it suitable for building a range of things from structural framing, paneling, flooring, in shop fittings, as beams, plywood, indoor furniture, etc.
  • A distinct soft white or a pale yellowish in color, the pine timber is a light weight and straight grained timber with less figure qualities. As it can be stained easily due to its light color and also it can be glued easily, pine wood is known to be one of the easiest timbers to work with.
  • Most of the softwood pines are also easy to saw & cut and are known for their sturdiness and their capacity to hold on to nails quite efficiently.

Since Pine timber is so widely used, Pines are one of the most commercially important species of trees which are grown for their good quality timber & wood pulp. These softwoods are known to be fast growing and they grow well in acidic soils in dense groups. Commercial pine plantations are known to be denser with the wood being more resinous which makes the timber more durable & long-lasting compared to other timber varieties.

Various uses of a Pine tree

Along with being widely used in making high value long lasting indoor furniture & carpentry items, Pine trees are even used for their ornamental & decorative qualities, especially during Christmas when the trees are commercially grown & sold as Christmas trees. Pine cones known for their durability are favorites for purposes of handicrafts, while Pine boughs are more popular as decorative items as they are lush green and have a pleasant smell. The sharp pine needles are used for making decorative items like pine baskets, trays & pots. The seeds of the tree called as pine nuts are widely used as food ingredient and are a major part of the famous Italian pesto sauce.

Treat it right

  • Since Pine wood is liable to rot and decay and it is not even insect-resistant, it needs to be treated with preservative treatment before it can be used.
  • There are many types of preservative treatments like CGA, LOSP, ACQ, etc which can be done depending on what kind of protection you want, what the timber is going to be used for, its density & the exposure it is going to get.

Known for its versatility & robustness, the Pine wood is increasingly being used for commercial purposes as along with being durable & long lasting, the timber is very easy to use & makes good indoor furniture. If you want to know more then Visit us today!


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