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Benefits of Using Earrings of Sterling Silver


Everybody has an attraction towards jewelry. Purchasing any kind of ornaments is an investment and at the same time it also adds a special essence to your beauty. Women have a fascination for earrings and they are traditional ornaments. Each and every woman wears earrings and this earring completes their entire dress- up. There are various type of jewelry available for ear in the market. Not only gold, but earrings made of sterling silver are also very popular and trendy and at the same time they are light in weight.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and other metal. It contains 92.5% mass silver and 7.5% other metal. Generally copper is used to make this type of metal. Pure silver is not used to make any kind of functional products and objects due to its excessive softness.  Earrings sterling silver is attractive and it is also precious. Today sterling silver is also a worthy metal so it can be taken as an investment also.

Variety of earrings

  • Different types of starlings are available, like tops, rings, dangling earrings etc. Various modern collections are also present. Women have a tendency to wear matching earrings with their dresses and for that you should have a huge collection of earrings.
  •  Due to an affordable price of silver starlings it is very easy to create a stock of various trendy and modern earrings.
  • Stones may increase the glory of earrings and stones usually make an ornament more attractive and beautiful. These stones can also be applied on earrings sterling silver.
  • Ear tops and dangling earrings are also of different colors are also available. Earrings with Pearl settings are also present and pearl adds a glory which makes earrings attractive and precious.
  • Current designs are clip-on earrings, drop earrings, hooks, posts, stud earrings. Available colors are black, blue, brown, green, gold, grey, white, multi-colored, orange, pink, purple, red, silver and yellow. Even birthstones and gemstones setting starling silver earrings are also available.
  • Another variety is silver message earring. Specialty of this earring is that, a message or text of your choice will be written over the earring permanently and the cost of this type of earring is very low.

Quality and advantage

We are always worried about the quality of the silver and this type of silver is standard silver so there is no quality issue.  It remains as it is for a long period of time and the glaze of earrings doesn’t reduce. Even if you feel bored with the same design then you can interchange it just like any gold jewelry.  One more issue is regarding the originality of the silver. To check whether the metal is original or not you can try for an acid test. This is a test which will give you the exact result about the metal quality.

Now one question can arise on your mind that why you will go for earrings sterling silver instead of gold, platinum or any other metals. The reasons are as follows:-

  • Price of earrings depends on the design of the product and not on the weight of the product. So economical ups and downs will not affect the price of products very much.
  • Sterling jewelries are handcrafted so designs will be more accurate than any other metals. And no doubt, an accurate design increases the beauty of the product and makes the product more attractive.
  • Earrings of sterling silvers go well with all type of dresses like you can wear them with a modern dress at the same time they will goes perfectly well with a traditional dress also.
  • And the most important point is the price is reasonable and these silver products are quite affordable.

After reading this blog, hope you are satisfied with the above mentioned information. Go ahead and make purchase of different type of sterling silver earrings.


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