Monday, 22 June 2015

Benefits of Picking Florists with a Difference

Florists provide a lot of amazing options for gifting someone special. These mainly include flowers, which indeed is a simple and impactful way of either saying thank you or wishing a loved one on their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. One of course has the option to send out floral arrangements that come with long stems or even in the style of bouquets.

But these days’ florists also make gift baskets that include arrangement of flowers along with other items like chocolates or gifts chosen by you. Some florists also have the arrangements for balloons along with music delivery (where one individual or person sings out your message) Here are some reasons for sending flowers with a twist-

Available online/ Pick up options

Most florists have an online option for shopping. You can select and buy the arrangements online without bothering to physically visit the florists. You can select from a range of gifts to send with your flowers like wine, champagne, chocolates, soft toys or anything that you want. Another idea is that you can book your arrangement online with the florists and add a personalized gift that you purchased. Some great ideas that go with floral arrangements include aroma candles, body washes, etc. You can choose from sending a live musical message or a cake too!

Option to personalize

All florists will give you the option of personalizing your floral arrangements. For instance, if they have a particular flower arrangement in tulips, you can always ask them if the same could be done with the roses or orchids or other flowers of your choice. If you have a design in mind then the same can be recreated for you. If it is something that you want for home, then florists can make such arrangements by coming to your house and decorating the table or the windows, etc.

Can be sent on any occasion

One of the main reasons for sending out gift baskets from florists is that these work for all kinds of occasions. Be it a thank you basket or a congratulations basket or just to show your gratitude to someone. These baskets are not restricted to being sent only around Thanksgiving. In fact, they can be sent to anyone at anytime of the year. A very popular basket with them is the thank you baskets. As the name suggests, the Thank You gift baskets are sent to thank someone for their graciousness, gift, party or event. There are array of other reasons that you can them off too.

Different shapes and sizes

Florists have options of different kinds of gift baskets, floral arrangements and flower bouquets that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You should select a gift basket that is appropriate as per the event. A 25 wedding anniversary bouquet will be more elaborate while your date anniversary arrangement will be more subtle.

Price Factors

On the whole, florists have something that fits every budget. You can choose something specifically that is within your price limit. For instance, opting for seasonal flowers is a great way to save money. If you want to send a few additional gifts with the flowers then picking them on your own will help you lower costs.

So the next time you are thinking about ordering only flowers from your florists, think about how you can add a bit of twist here and make the gift more personalized and easy. These small changes like making a basket instead of a bouquet or throwing in a musical message makes more of an impact on the receiver.


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