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Tips to Choose the Right Electric Chain Hoist for Your Industry

With the advent of the technology, now, the man has been able to increase his industrial productivity manifolds. Be it the use of hi-tech machinery for manufacturing fast at a larger scale or the use of computer programs to solve critical problems in a matter of no time. The man has been successful in getting work done with less manpower. One such example of the man using the power of advanced technology and reducing his efforts is the electric chain hoist.

Chain Hoist
Chain Hoist
An electric chain hoist is a mechanical device used for lifting heavy loads and moving them from one place to another in an industrial environment. This heavy relocation of goods would have taken several people and time to complete earlier. However, these are done quickly and effectively with the use of an electric chain hoist. Different types of electric chain hoists are available for different industries. Thus, it is important that to get the best benefits out of the hoist, you choose the one that fits your industry. Here are some simple ways to determine the right electric chain hoist for your industry.

Check the Capacity

The capacity of the electric chain hoist is the most crucial thing while you are choosing one for your industry. It solely depends on the weight of the objects to be lifted by the chain hoist. The best way to decide on the capacity of the electric chain hoist is to round up the weight of the object to be lifted to the nearest ton or half a ton. This means that if you intend to use the electric chain hoist for lifting goods weighing about 3-3.5 ton, you would need a 4-ton chain hoist to ensure that the hoist system functions normally and lifts the load without any trouble.

Determine the Lift

To ensure that you get the right set of electric chain hoist for the job, the lift of the hoist system is very important. To determine the lift, you need to know a couple of things. First, you need to know where the chain hoist will hang from and secondly, you need to know the height of the place where the object to be lifted would be located at. For example, if the electric chain hoist system sits on a beam, which is about 23 feet high and the object is to be picked from the floor, the lifting capacity of the electric chain hoist should be at least 23 feet. It is always wise to keep a few feet’s lift capacity extra. An additional lift capacity will not cost you much but can save you from any future inconvenience.

Electric Chain Hoist
Electric Chain Hoist

Decide the Speed of The Lift

You may be fanatic about the speed while driving your car, but when it comes to the speed of the lifting of objects by the electric chain hoist, you cannot opt for the fastest option bluntly. Many factors, which include safety, are involved in determining the speed with which the electric chain hoist should be lifting the load. Ideally, 2-10 feet per minute is the common operating speed for most electric chain hoists. If you need anything faster than that, you consult professionals, who deal in electric chain hoists and their installations. Unless the distance between the source and the destination of the lifted object is very high, one should stick to the general speed of the lift only.

Apart from these three major things, you should also check the incoming power, control voltage, type of suspension, and type of trolley while choosing the right electric chain hoist for your industry. 


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