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Multiple Benefits of Installing Split System Air Conditioning in Your Home

The moment summers step in, people start getting their air conditioners repaired or fixed. However, if you are planning to buy a new air conditioner this season then go for split system air conditioner. As the name suggests, these types of air conditioners are split into two parts. The main component that cools the room is set inside the building while the compressor is installed outside. The compressor is usually fitted on the ground or fixed to the brackets. In fact, multiple indoors can be set up with just a single compressor outside. These systems are also called as ductless air conditioning units, as no ducts are required here. The installation and maintenance of a split system air conditioning unit can be done by professionals, although at times, you can do it yourself. The prices of the split system can vary according to the utility of the machine and depending on its additional features.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

1. Easy to Maintain- The foremost advantage of having split air conditioner is that they are very easy to maintain. Since the filters of these types of air conditioners are easily washable, they can be kept clean at all times. In fact, you are required to clean these filters only periodically. The outdoor units are tailored for easy access and maintenance.

2. Easy Installation- The split system air conditioners are very easy to install, as it does not require any ductwork. What all it requires is just a tiny hole to be drilled in the wall for control wiring and copper tubing. If it is available then the condenser unit can also be placed on the flat section of the roof.

3. Heating Capability- The most appealing feature of these split air conditioners is the ‘climate control’. This feature allows you to have extra heating in the cold days. This simply means that you can gain benefits of your split air conditioning system throughout the year.

4. Quiet Working- If you think that installing a split system air conditioning will disturb you while working then think twice. Whether you install this system near the patio or the window, and if you have children or aged parents and patients sleeping at home, they will not be disturbed by any form of sound. These types of systems are ideal for bedrooms, classrooms and boardrooms where silence is needed.

5. Cost-effective- If you want your room to be cooled only at specific times then you must go for split air conditioner. For instance, you often require cooling in living area only in the daytime, as you spend most of your time there but at night, the cooling is needed in the bedroom. In this system, inside wall can distribute the cooling in a more cost effective manner. Thus, you certainly are going to save energy and money in this manner.

Split System Air 

Split System Air Conditioner

How to Buy Split System Air Conditioner?

While you can always buy it online, sometimes, it is best to get it from your local dealer. When you buy it from a dealer, you most often get free annual maintenance for a year or two, which can take care of maintenance needs. Talking of maintenance, it is important that you get your air conditioner cleaned regularly. Usually, the start of a season and the end of a season are a good time for air conditioner cleaning.

Whether you buy it online or from your local dealer, pay attention to the star rating. Ideally, you should buy a 5 star rated air conditioner, as it helps save energy. You should also check for return policies and what all is covered in the warranty of the product, before you loosen your purse strings.



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